Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daniela Ruah Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Okay folks, so we’ve been getting some letters (e-mails…we’re a website, we don’t own a real mailbox) about NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah; more importantly, we’ve been getting letters about her breasts. They’re large, they’re perky, and they’re on a skinny girl, so obviously everyone’s first thought is: Fake! We’re going to be honest, when we first saw pictures of her running in a bikini, we immediately thought the same thing. Even while moving, they’re perfectly round and seem to move as one solid mass rather than flop around as real breasts tend to do.
However…those things are real! We decided to do a little more research (by “research”, we mean scroll down the page of pictures), and it yielded the truth about Daniela Ruah’s breasts….scroll down for the truth…seriously, don’t act like the suspense involved in this mundane topic isn’t at least mildly exciting…
Okay, so the truth is that her breasts are pretty big, a very nice, and are perky by traditional non-implant standards, but the fake look that they have is the result of some very good and very expensive bras and bikinis. Looking at pictures of her taken for different scenes on her show, you can see that her breasts actually flatten out and droop down a bit when they’re not in a fancy bra/bikini. So for now, it appears that Daniela Ruah hasn’t had any plastic surgery, but instead is riding the gifts that the universe gave her until the wheels fall off…and her nose looks real, so don’t send us e-mails about it.