Friday, December 21, 2012

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Filler Photos

Cindy Crawford Goes Back Under The Needle

Don’t do it Cindy! Ugh, we should’ve known this would happen; Cindy Crawford is starting to get too much work done. We told you previously about the famed supermodel’s plastic surgery endeavors, and how well they had worked out for her, but we may have spoke too soon. The 45 year old was seen recently looking like she’s had a little too much filler (maybe something called Radiesse) injected into her cheeks (the look a bit too full), and more Botox put into her eyebrow region (giving her wider-eyed look). She needs to stop now; she still looks good, just a bit overdone, but that can settle and she will be fine; if she keeps going, it could end up a disaster. She was a major beauty icon of the 90s, and for her to end up a freakshow would be a crime against pop culture.
Is Cindy Crawford morphing into Janice Dickinson?

Looks like it!! Cindy’s cheeks are looking plump and not just because she is smiling. I just saw a new picture of plastic surgery victim Janice Dickinson and was struck by the idea that maybe the two go to the same plastis surgeon!
Cindy looks like she has had work done. The set of her eyes is different and skin looks suspiciously unwrinkled

Cindy Crawford has a face full of Botox & fillers

Last year, I began to document Cindy Crawford’s descent into Botox-faced tragedy. I had always liked Cindy – she radiated a healthy, accessible beauty, and she was one of the big supermodels that I grew up with. But in May of 2011, Cindy’s Botox-face took a turn for the worse – it looked like she had a bad batch of ‘Tox or something, and one of her eyebrows was stuck in a weird angle. And then in October, she started to look super-puffy, like she’d gone in for the motherlode of fillers.
Now, Cindy admitted years ago that she had gone in for Botox, and she wasn’t “above” some minor cosmetic work. But it gets to the point – and everyone gets to this point – where I have to ask: wouldn’t she look better had she not messed with her face at all? Anyway, Radar has one of their “expert claims random celebrity does X,Y,Z” stories, and this one is about what Cindy MIGHT be doing to her face.